Air Force Veteran Chris Timmer & Chance

Airman Christopher Timmer has always been a go -getter, on the ground and in the air. Chris served five years in the United States Air Force including tours through Iraq, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others. He has been awarded the Expeditionary Medal twice, Good Conduct Ribbons, and several Letters of Recommendation for his service, professionalism and successful contributions to various campaigns. His E4 rank had him working as a civil and combat engineer which also allowed him to collaborate with Special Forces as needed.

Chris experienced two near misses when bombs exploded nearby, then was severely injured when the tailgate from a 20-ton dump truck fell on him. He sustained injuries to his knees and back as well as PTSD during his service. He continues to experience episodes of heightened anxiety of crowds, noises and unfamiliar surroundings due to his PTSD.

The Veterans Association currently has him at a 70% rating, but Chris continues to work toward recovery through group therapy and one-on-one sessions. His daily routine can change by the day due to his PTSD, but he has his buddy Chance who travels everywhere with him to help him cope. Chance has been trained to recognize when an anxiety attack is imminent. By whining and nudging Chris to get his attention, Chris is able to refocus and eventually to calm down.

Chris has not slowed down yet. He continues to work part-time doing light physical labor and working with his hands to maintain equipment. Chris loves the outdoors as does Chance who accompanies Chris in the boat when fishing. Chris also enjoys the opportunity to do a little hunting when in season. His future plans include working and possibly volunteering with K9CC.

Article by L.G. Nixon

It’s who you have by your side that matters.

Chance is an 8-1/2 year old Puggle. He was originally from the Detroit area where he was rescued and eventually trained to recognize the signs of PTSD. He has continued his training with Chris, and Chance has earned his K9 Good Citizenship.

Way to go Chance!


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