Army Sergeant Curt Harris & Odin

When asked what word he would use to describe himself, Army Sergeant Curt Harris said he would consider himself a little nerdy. Curt, who enjoys DC Marvel comics, arcade games and attending Comic-Con conventions, unselfishly gave eight years to military service. During his time in the Army, Curt served in the Iraqi Freedom Campaign, his tours taking him throughout Iraq and the Middle East where he performed air defense. Part of his air defense arsenal was the C-Ram system which is used to detect and destroy incoming rockets, artillery, and mortars, and to provide an early warning in order to protect targets on the ground.

For his dedication and service, he was awarded the Iraqi Freedom Campaign Medal and an Army Commendation Medal, which is awarded to those distinguished by meritorious achievement, heroism
or service.

While Curt does not feel at liberty to discuss his campaigns or the nature of his injuries, he is still receiving treatment and is slowly working toward recovery. Curt has a rescue dog, Odin, whom he takes with him everywhere and enjoys a very special bond. Odin has been instrumental in helping Curt to focus and remain calm.

His future plans include taking up a wood working hobby, possibly building arcade games he is so fond of. Curt is a single dad who enjoys traveling and fishing and spending time with his three children whenever possible.

Article by L.G. Nixon

It’s who you have by your side that matters.

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Odin, whose name comes from Norse mythology and which incidentally is associated with healing, is a wonderful friend and companion to his owner, Curt.

Odin was rescued when he was found wandering with frozen paws. He was thin, malnourished, and appeared to have been abused.

Odin has since regained his health. He continues to receive training enabling him to recognize signs of anxiety and to help his owner focus on healing. He shares a deep and special bond to Curt, with whom he shares his forever home.


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Army Sargent

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Curt Harris

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Iraqi Freedom Campaign

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Iraqi Freedom Campaign Medal

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Army Commendation Medal

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