Army Veteran Jeff Schlienz & Katie

E5 Sergeant Jeff Schlienz served eight years in the military. He served as a military policeman and as Federal Agent for the Criminal Investigation Division (CID). His service took him through several tours and some of the most demanding conditions you could imagine. Jeff and his fellow military policemen secured an area, kept it secure and provided convoy escort services. His tours ranged from the jungle climates of Panama searching for Manuel Noriega, to the hot parched climates of Jordan and the Middle East during Desert Storm.

He sustained numerous injuries including re- peated knee injuries and exposure to Sarin Gas which was used during the Gulf War. Jeff continues to manage his injuries and PTSD, receiving ongoing treatments including medications, with physical and cognitive therapies. Because of his short-term memory loss, he is often accompanied by his sweet wife, Becky. Large groups, smells, and noises still trigger his PTSD.

Jeff has another constant companion, that of his rescue dog Katie, a Gordon Llewellyn Setter. Jeff and Katie are attending Stiggy’s Dogs, a training facility for the advancement of psychiatric service dogs to help Veterans cope with PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury. When Katie completes her training, she will be a certified service dog. Jeff is still as energetic as possible. He admits he is more out-going with his companion dog beside him who helps keep him calm and focused. Young Katie is learning to recognize his needs and respond accordingly.

Article by L.G. Nixon

It’s who you have by your side that matters.

Katie was found in the woods one weekend while Jeff and Becky were camping. They had seen her wandering but couldn’t approach her. When the campground owner called to say they had caught her, Jeff and Becky drove back north at 3 am to bring her home. When all attempts to find her owner failed, Jeff decided to keep her, training her to be a companion like his previous dog, Koda, who sadly passed away recently. Katie is loving her forever home and is happy to learn her training lessons, and to help Jeff as best she can.


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